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I originally was from a chapter in Ohio called erendor and I found the game while I was in college I moved down here to Florida and there was there weren't any groups here in this area so I started talking to it talking about the game to people my job so got a few people involved they told their friends they've told their friends there was maybe maybe a half a dozen of us usually the practices were just two or three of us and we fought out at Tom Brown Park decided you know what let's actually pushed and move it over to campus we'll get more people walking by and joining us that way moving on to campus I got one girl who just kind of showed up and she got so invoke end up being the president of the student organization and that's Lasky out you start a little spark and it starts a wildfire it's not always just about the fight the fighting is one of the major aspects of it but even if you're not a big fighter there's plenty of other things for you to do I learn to make chain mail people learn to work with leather I know people that have learned medieval pottery so they can make a historically accurate medieval pot and one thing leads to another there's a doorway and if you're looking you can find something else that you can love if someone who knew nothing about dagger here came up and asked me about it I would tell them that it was a medieval combat sport the rules in a match tend to vary according to what match we play we have traditional team battles so just like in Halo or any other game that has a team game in it you just fight to the death and the team that dies first is the losing team that's the best way that's a torso shot will kill losing any two limbs to swung shots will also kill so two arms arm and a leg two legs any combination of that swung head shots don't count head shots with projectiles do we call it a an honour based combat game honor based because we don't go out of our way to say hey I killed you or I took your arm you know you need to do that because we think that if if you took the shot you should take the shot you know and we leave it at that we don't we don't try to become a referee if I feel like I hit you in the arm and you didn't take that are I'm just gonna make sure the next time I hit you it's a little bit harder and you know we're you know first shot in dagger here there is a huge event every year it's a week long it's called Ragnarok it takes place in Pennsylvania and it usually has at least 1200 people there in attendance and battles upwards of five to six hundred sometimes more so there are lots of events that you can go to and dagger here there's actually two in Georgia that are really close by you can go to Ides of March or winter war and it's a really big fight I haven't been to it yet but I plan on going to Isaac March this March so in about 20 days my name is shadow haze Alton member of Mirkwood night of...